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Classics from the 1930’s:


B000035Z3K  Dracula                                                                              

 B00L8QOZ1A  Dracula(Spanish)                                                                                                                                                            

 B001J1O8C0  Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

B00000JMOF  Frankenstein

B000JIW146  Dr. X

B00027JYLC  Freaks

B005D0RDKM  Island of Lost Souls

B000JJ27BC  The Mask of Fu Manchu

B000IJ7AGK  The Most Dangerous


B00000JQB7  The Mummy

B009AGEXY4  Murders in the Rue Morgue

B00000ILEU  The Old Dark House

B00180R06I  Vampyr

B009KG7F30  White Zombie

B00009PY38  The Ghoul

0783240961  The Invisible Man

B000FS4X64  The Mystery of

the Wax Museum

B009AGEY98  The Black Cat

B005KR6NTU  The Black Room

078323502X  Bride of Frankenstein

B000JJ2DHA  Mad Love

B000JJ27BC  Mark of the Vampire

B009AGF050  The Raven

B00005LC4O  Werewolf of London

B000JJ2DHA  The Devil Doll

B00005LC4J  Dracula’s Daughter

B009AGF0WI  The Invisible Ray

B005ETAN7C  The Cat and the Canary                                                                                    

B00005LC4L  Son of Frankenstein






And  the 1940’s:



B009AGEZVA Black Friday

B00DI68D1G The Devil Bat

B00F53HCRQ The Invisible Man Returns

B00005LC4N The Mummy’s Hand

B0000A2ZU4 The Devil Commands

B002945DUWDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

B00OL00HUI Man Made Monster

B00001TZ6Q The Wolf Man

B000A0GOF0Cat People

B0016586VS The Ghost Of Frankenstein

B00005LC4N The Mummy’s Tomb

B00OL0075S The Night Monster

B002C1GMYI The Undying Monster

B000DZD9SM The Leopard Man

B00005LC4K Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

B000A0GOFA I Walked with a Zombie

B000DZBNKS The 7th Victim

B0016586U4 Son of Dracula

B00005LC4K House of Frankenstein

B00005LC4M The Mummy’s Curse

B00005LC4M The Mummy’s Ghost

B0000694WM Return of the Vampire

B00DZP1C9K The Uninvited

B0000844JQ Dead of Night

B0016586Q8 House of Dracula

B000A0GOFKIsle of the Dead

B000OHBCI8The Picture of Dorian Gray

0783233582 Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein



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