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Christopher Lee Frankenstein


Welcome to my Product Review page where I’ll be looking at numerous Classic Horror products in order to provide helpful, candid information on items which would interest the Classic Horror enthusiast.

With so much merchandise available within the horror genre alone, it’s pretty confusing for many people to know which products/collectables are good and which ones are not so good. That’s why I genuinely wanted to create a place for people to view a selection of merchandise in one place and receive enough information to make the right decision for themselves.

All items listed here will be of great quality and worthy of owning.





Universal Monsters 30-film collectionThe first product I wanted to draw attention to was an excellent dvd box set of all the Universal Monster films.

This, I would have to say is the ultimate Universal Monsters pack. It includes all of the original films in the Universal Monster canon plus all of the sequels which followed on from them. This is the Universal Classic Monsters Complete 30-Film Pack!


Here is the link ==>  Universal Monster Collection