The 1950’s

The Fly


With the coming of the 1950’s we see a distinct change in what horror films would be all about. The world had now gone through two world wars! The ongoing tension bought on by the cold war coupled with scientific and technological advances in the weapons and means of war, led to a shift in awareness for folks of the 50’s.

A very real threat of danger now came from human progress itself.


Scientific breakthrough’s now gave man the ability to destroy man on a scale never seen before. Science itself was regarded with apprehension and for good reason. The powers-that-be were harnessing scientific progress in a state of global competitiveness and paranoia.

On top of this a new phenomena was also permeating the global consciousness. U.F.O’s were being reported on a massive scale. People from all stations of life were seeing flying ‘disks’ in the sky. Of coarse, this was a huge influence on the way we saw our place in the universe and it was reflected in the many science-fiction films of the 1950’s.

Horror films too reflected these new influences. Themes of ‘science gone wrong’, radiation,  mutation etc. were increasingly common.


Horror’s more familiar characters and themes were still ever-present however. Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Mummy, all received lavish color remakes by a new studio called Hammer out of England. These films were major successes and helped continue these iconic favorites. Many sequels soon followed.


Curse of Frankenstein & Horror of Dracula


Colour film was of coarse a huge draw card for audiences at this time. So too was the experience of the drive-in! With folks now able to enjoy huge screens from the comfort and privacy of their own cars, drive-ins were a popular craze, especially among teenagers.

With the demand for more movies increasing, many studios were churning out B-grade productions for drive-in audiences in particular. The idea was to create ever larger, ever more ridiculous mutant monsters in attempts to shock viewers. Most of these films fall into the category of Science Fiction Films, though Horror had it’s fair share too.


The Gill-Man! (Creature from the Black Lagoon - 1954)

The Gill-Man! (Creature from the Black Lagoon – 1954)


Along with the brilliant content from Hammer Studios, the most iconic horror offering in the 50’s was The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954). This was also the last of the original Universal Monsters. The Creature is a great representation of the style of the 50’s. It being an evolutionary ‘anomaly’ unexplained by science. This was also one of the first films in 3D!








  • The Strange Door 1951, United States.
  • The Black Castle 1952, United States.
  • House of Wax 1953, United States.
  • The Maze 1953, United States.
  • The Creature from the Black Lagoon 1954, United States.
  • Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy 1955, United States.
  • Bride of the Monster 1955, United States.
  • The Quatermass Xperiment 1955, United States.
  • Revenge of the Creature 1955, United States.
  • The Black Sleep 1956, United States.
  • The Creature Walks Among Us 1956, United States.
  • I Vampiri 1956, France/Italy/Senegal.
  • The She-Creature 1956, United States.
  • The Werewolf 1956, United States.
  • X-the Unknown 1956, United Kingdom/United States.
  • The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas 1957, United Kingdom/United States.
  • The Curse of Frankenstein 1957, United Kingdom.
  • I Was a Teenage Werewolf 1957, United States.
  • Night of the Demon 1957, United Kingdom.
  • Quatermass 2 1957, United Kingdom/United States.
  • The Undead 1957, United States.
  • Voodoo Island 1957, United States.
  • The Blob 1958, United States.
  • Blood of the Vampire 1958, United States.
  • The Brain Eaters 1958, United States.
  • Corridors of Blood 1958, United Kingdom.
  • Horror of Dracula 1958, United Kingdom.
  • The Fly 1958, United States.
  • Frankenstein 1970 1957, United states.
  • Night of the Blood Beast 1957, United States.
  • The Revenge of Frankenstein 1957, United Kingdom
  • A Bucket of Blood 1959, United States.
  • Caltiki – The Immortal Monster 1959, Italy/United States.
  • The Giant Gila Monster 1959, United States.
  • Horrors of the Black Museum 1959, United States/United Kingdom.
  • House on Haunted Hill 1959, United States.
  • The Man Who Could Cheat Death 1959, United kingdom/United States.
  • The Mummy 1959, United Kingdom.
  • Return of the Fly 1959, United States.
  • The Tingler 1959, United States.
  • The Manster 1959, United States. imageszxsd

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