“Too Much Horror Business”



514aO3l1svL__AA200_The title comes from the song of the same name by seminal American punk band The Misfits. A band who were themselves heavily influenced by early classic horror and sci fi films and imagery.

It’s fitting then that such a title is used for an incredible book-length tribute dedicated to one persons love and appreciation of all those classic features.


I wanted to draw some attention to such a major work and offer a brief review/description. This highly appreciated book which reads more like a docu-journal was compiled by Kirk Hammett, lead guitarist for legendary metal band Metallica.

What makes the album even more incredible is that it’s a pictorial history of Hammett’s very own vast horror memorabilia!

…Classic horror memorabilia including authentic movie props and costumes, masks, and original and rare posters and novelties. The collection is indeed monstrous!


Ghoulish Obsession


Hammett began collecting horror toys and merchandise at around 6 years old! As his ability to continue collecting increased due to the huge success of Metallica, he was able to focus on very rare and one of a kind items. As a result he now owns some of the only original pieces of memorabilia in the world.                                                                                                         Kuntitled

Throughout the book there’s comments and insights by Kirk on the history of each piece and the story behind it.

There’s also an interview which sheds further light on why he’s such a fan and how it became an obsession for him.


Highly Recommended!


It is an extraordinary effort both in gathering so much material and compiling such an interesting and informative book. Highly recommended for fans of classic horror, for movie enthusiasts, and Metallica fans and the like.


I absolutely encourage people to check it out. It truly is an interesting read and you won’t be disappointed. All together there are 224 pages which are filled with stunning pictures from the collection. My favorite element is Kirk’s focus on original and one-of-a-kind posters. There’s some beautiful photo’s of these which are visually striking.



Check out this video on the making of the book!


This quality hardcover horror journal retails on Amazon for $20.36. Click on This Link to read more reviews and info about this very cool volume.









  • MissMone says:

    Even I remember this one Jamie 🙂
    Great review – I enjoy your insights and memories.

    • jamie says:

      Thanks once again MissMone. Certainly is a fantastic compilation. Was an absolute pleasure reviewing it as it’s been a favorite of mine since it came out. Really appreciate your encouraging comments!

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